Milicon's commitment to delivering top-tier rifles is fortified through a strategic alliance with a third-party manufacturer wielding the industry's most advanced equipment. This partnership serves as the linchpin of our success, enabling us to consistently raise the bar in terms of precision, design, and performance. At the core of this collaboration lies access to cutting-edge manufacturing machinery, from CNC machining centers to robotic assembly lines. Our partner's facilities are a testament to technological prowess, ensuring that each rifle component undergoes flawless production in America through precision engineering facilitated by sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software. Automation not only enhances precision but also bolsters the efficiency and scalability of our manufacturing processes, allowing us to meet market demands with agility. Rigorous quality control measures are seamlessly integrated, encompassing material inspections, stress testing, and performance evaluations to guarantee that every rifle adheres to our uncompromising standards. This collaboration not only emphasizes efficiency but also fuels innovation, enabling us to explore new design paradigms and respond promptly to industry trends. In essence, our partnership ensures that our rifles, epitomes of tradition and modernity, remain at the forefront of the firearms industry, delivering an unparalleled shooting experience to our discerning customers. Examples of some of the equipment include:

Fully Automated Robot-Driven Barrel Drilling and Reaming Cell • Unisig UNE12-2 Gun Drill • Unisig UNR20 Reamer • Unisig R-2A Rifling Machine • Precision Gauge and Tool Air Gauging System

Fully Automated Robot-Driven Production Barrel Profiling and Chambering Cell• Two Nakamura-Tome WT250• One Nakamura-Tome AS200• Fed by a Fanuc Robot with Full HMI Control​

Automated and Robot-Driven AR15 I AR10 Carrier Production Cell• Nakamura-Tome WT-15011
• Four Fanuc Robodrill D21MiB5 Vertical Mills fed by a Fanuc M-710C Robot​

AR-15 Upper Receiver and Lower Receiver Production Cell • Kiwa KH-45 horizontal machining center with eight-position pallet changer• Kiwa KH-55 horizontal machining center with two-position pallet changer• Doosan HP-4000Ⅱ horizontal milling center with two-position pallet changer • Doosan HP-5100Ⅱ horizontal milling center with two-position pallet changer• DMG-MORI NHX-400 horizontal milling center with two-position pallet changer • Two DMG-MORI DMU50 GEN 3 5 Axis milling centers with EROWA Compact 80 Robot Integration• DMG-MORI DMU50 GEN 1 5 Axis milling center• Ty Miles Broach MBHD16 vertical broach

Handguard Production
• HAAS VM4-SS Vertical Mill
• Six Fanuc Robodrill D21MiB5 Vertical Mills 

​AR-15 Bolt Production • Twin Fanuc Robodrill D21MiB5 Vertical Millsfed by a Fanuc M-20 Robot• Six Medium Bed 10,000 RPM Robo Drills fedby dual Fanuc M-10i D12 Robots

Quality Control• Zeiss DuraMax CMM
• Zeiss Contura CMM
• Mahr MarSHAFT Scope 750 plus
• Vision Gauge VGDOC-30H-20X
• Mitutoyo PS-A3000 Vertical Beam Projector
• Mitutoyo HR-530 Hardness Tester
• A full complement of hand gauges and measuring devices located in both QC and at the station

Job Shop and Production Overrun Capability • Nakamura-Tome WT-15011 • Multi-Axis Multi Turret Lathe • Nakamura-Tome WY-150 • Multi-Axis Multi Turret Lathe • Clausing Kalamazoo Horizontal Automatic Bandsaw• Two Foba M2000 Lasers• ACI Ventus VII 70 Watt Fiber Laser• Four HAAS VF-5SS Vertical Milling Centers 

Post Production Finishing
• Giant W5 Vibratory Finishing Machine
• Giant GB20 Vibratory Finishing Machine
• Giant GBB12 Vibratory Finishing Machine
• Empire TT-18 Automated Blasting Cell
• Three Trinco Hand Blast Stations